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1When do I seek help?

The human brain is extremely adaptive and handles day to day events with some changes in mood and occasional overthinking. When we start experiencing stress and anxiety on a regular basis, it starts affecting in different ways more frequently. The following changes (depending on the age group) need professional help:

  • Frequent Mood swings leading to decreased interest in things.
  • Decreased / Disturbed / Increased Sleep.
  • Irritation / anger on little provocation
  • Lack of motivation/ feeling lazy.
  • Excessive unwanted/ unrelated/ bizarre thoughts.
  • Excessive crying
  • Overeating / Undereating/ Binging on snacks.
  • Work output decline / low energy levels / Procrastinating
  • Feeling hopeless/ helpless most times
  • Having self-doubt/ low self-esteem
  • Avoiding situations/ social events/ family parties
  • Feeling breathless/ choking/ palpitations/ acidity/ sweats/ tremors
  • Excessive mobile use / gaming / social media
  • Suspicious thoughts (Self/Others)
  • Addictions
  • Frequent unexplained body pains (low back, shoulder, headaches, migraines, generalised)
  • Feeling of harming self

In Younger age group :

Academic decline, hyperactivity, inattention, avoiding school, bedwetting, crying spells, exam fear, phobias, repetitive actions, irritability, behavioural issues, communication issues, speech deficits, excessive mobile use / gaming, frequent fights with school complaints, poor eye contact, issues with co-ordination, suspecting abuse, locking self in room, harming self, excessive defiance, truancy, sibling rivalry, h/o family/ parental disputes.

2How do I get in touch?

Kindly call/ SMS on 9204752383 for appointment. The details would be forwarded shortly.

3What if people come to know my issues?

The entire process is strictly confidential and under no circumstances these conversations are made public.

4Can I come alone? I don’t want anyone else to know.

Though not compulsory, it is advisable to have a family member / close friend/ guardian at least for the first consult. This will give a holistic picture and avoid missing out crucial details and lead to an accurate diagnosis of the condition. In children, at least one parent is compulsory.

5What will be the consultation fees?

Since the consulting timings do extend longer, it depends on the duration of the session/ follow ups ranging from Rs 700 to Rs. 1800.

6Do I have to take medication?

It depends on the severity and type of condition. Not all conditions require medication. A detailed history would help decide treatment options.

7Will these medicines put me to sleep?

Most medications that are prescribed target specific conditions and are not sedatives. The treatment follows a very dynamic protocol keeping in mind individual concerns and are tailored based on how the person reacts to medication.

8Will the medicines last life long?

No. It varies with the condition. Regular follow ups and compliance to treatment ensures relapse prevention.

9I know the problem, but unable to change my behavior.

Applying our thoughts, philosophy, hearing motivational videos work short term from a few minutes to a few days. Sustained change needs an understanding of the pathological processes behind this and appropriate correction followed by systematic counseling. No short cuts help.